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Coach Patty Takes a Seat at Her Table Podcast: A Conversation About Being a Woman in Sports

Discover Coach Patty's dedication to mental health awareness through her nonprofit, Hooper Mentality, her commitment to women empowerment and her love for sports.

In the most recent episode of The Her Table Podcast, Coach Patty took center stage, bringing a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and wisdom to the virtual table. The episode, available on Apple Podcasts, delves into various aspects of life, coaching, and personal development.

Coach Patty engaged in an empowering conversation with NBA Agent, Kate Foley, and NFL Producer, Megan Martinez, that touched upon self-discovery, personal growth, and the importance of embracing one's unique journey. The discussion didn't shy away from addressing challenges and obstacles that individuals face on their paths to success. Coach Patty provided strategies for overcoming adversity and turning setbacks into opportunities for growth.

Recently transitioning into athletic administration, Coach Patty discusses her new role and the challenges and triumphs that come with it. As one of the few Latina Athletic Directors, she continues to break barriers and pave the way for inclusivity in collegiate sports leadership. The episode delves into Coach Patty's unique perspective on coaching, Mexican heritage, and her broader mission to make a positive impact beyond the basketball court. She shares insights into the challenges she faced and highlights her proudest moments in her journey.

When asked "What have been your biggest challenges as you've navigated [the women in sports world]?" Coach Patty responded, "The biggest challenges have been the self-imposed ones... the imposter syndrome, the feeling like you're not worthy, or the feeling like you shouldn't go for that opportunity... if these last three years have been an example of anything, they have been an example of what life looks like when I get out the way! When I get my thoughts, my negative thoughts out the way... setting aside my own insecurities, my own self-doubt, my own imposter syndrome, all those things... for me, those have been the biggest challenges."

"The biggest challenges have been the self-imposed ones... the imposter syndrome, the feeling like you're not worthy, or the feeling like you shouldn't go for that opportunity."

Coach Patty's appearance on the Her Table Podcast left a lasting impression, providing listeners with a dose of motivation and practical advice for navigating life's journey. Tune in to the Her Table Podcast for an inspiring journey into Coach Patty Medina's world—a world where basketball serves as a platform for mental health advocacy, community uplifting, and empowerment beyond the game.

This episode is a testament to Coach Patty's resilience, passion, and commitment to creating positive change in the lives of athletes and communities. The episode serves as a testament to the podcast's commitment to fostering empowering conversations with women in sports that enrich the lives of its audience. Tune in to the episode to tap into the wisdom shared by Coach Patty and join the community of individuals dedicated to women in sports, empowerment, personal growth and fulfillment.

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