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Hooper Mentality is an initiative that, through sports camps and clinics, provides resources in mental health training, life skills coaching and leadership workshops for young athletes; as well as, being an safe haven and outlet for athletes to share their stories.


Mental illness and the stigma attached to those suffering from its affects seem to have been part of human existence for many years. Despite efforts to bring more awareness to the causation and effective treatment of mental health issues, this stigma persists both socially and in the athletic culture. Athletes are identified as tough in our culture, and mental health complications are often seen as a weakness. In the minority community, seeking assistance and therapy for mental health issues is frowned upon and considered to be a perk that only those who are financially well-off can afford to invest in.

Hooper Mentality has partnered up with many organizations to host conferences for student-athletes, working with Sports Psychologists from local universities to provide pro-bono services to athletes and coaches in at-risk communities. Our vision is in its beginning stages but we are sure that this initiative will be powerful and transcend boundaries, colors and social expectations. 

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