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The vulnerability of locker rooms hits different. It’s where we pray, plan, and prepare together. Where emotions are unfiltered, conversations are honest and people can be transparent. A safe haven; without judgement.

So we present to you, our Locker Room!

Join us every week on Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm (PST) beginning June 11th for a series of genuine conversations about different topics regarding our Black Community and Mental Health with Black, male and female, certified therapists!

Hosted by former college athletes and mental health advocates Marla Mason and Nafis Ricks.


Session One ft. Kendra Miller, LCSW of KARE Counseling Services

Date: June 11th, 2020

Time: 7:00PM (PST)

Racism: The Virus That Never Left

The “disease" of racism affects people of color behaviorally and physically, leading to low motivation and despair. We will discuss core concepts, warning signs, and ways to navigate racism to be mentally "fit" and equipped to be effective in making an impact in combating this devastating disease.


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